Russia alarmed by Prince Harry's participation in Norway military drills

The British royal family is being drawn into the anti-Russian campaign of the country’s leaders, the Russian Embassy in London commented. The Russian representation was displeased to learn of Prince Harry’s intention to take part in the upcoming military drills in Norway, TASS reports.

The Russian diplomats see the drills as anti-Russian, and feel that the reports in local tabloids about the prince’s plans are part of British politicians’ campaign against Russia. The Russians are also of the opinion that “the authority of politicians and generals to ensure public support of this course is no longer adequate”.

On Saturday, January 5, the Daily Mirror, The Sun and the Daily Mail reported that the military exercises will be used to practice repelling hypothetical Russian aggression. Their sources in the royal household say that there will be no official announcement of Prince Harry’s involvement.

The upcoming drills will involve 8,000 military personnel, including 1,000 British marines and troops from the US, the Netherlands, and Norway.


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