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  • Norway to supply $45 million worth of mortar ammunition to Ukraine

    The Norwegian government has announced that it will donate mortar ammunition worth over $45 million to Ukraine. These mortars have a range of 5-6 km.

    Following discussions with the Norwegian Armed Forces regarding Oslo's capacity to provide additional aid to Ukraine in its efforts to counter Russian aggression, Norway's Defence Minister announced that his country will supply 81-mm mortar ammunition valued at around 480 million Norwegian kroner (over $45 million), according to a government …

  • Norway to supply Ukraine with upgraded F-16 jets and advanced weapons systems

    Norway has joined the 'fighter jet coalition' and will provide Ukraine with jets armed with the latest weapons, said the Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide during a joint briefing with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

    "I am convinced that Ukraine should also strengthen its striking potential, to land blows beyond the front line. It's one of the reasons we are very pleased to join the F-16 coalition, where we will transfer Norwegian F-16s that are updated and in good shape," …

  • Russian official's son evades sanctions with help from Norwegian diplomat's offspring

    Andrey Patrushev, the younger son of Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, who is involved in offshore exploration projects, has managed to circumvent sanctions imposed on him due to the war in Ukraine. An investigation by Dossier Center in collaboration with Norwegian publication Stavanger Aftenbladet revealed that he was assisted by Gunnar Nordsletten, the son of a Norwegian diplomat. Nordsletten's company provided vessels crucial for undertakings just before …

  • Norwegian Defence Chief urges NATO to ramp up military preparedness for possible conflict with Russia

    The Chief of Defence of Norway, Eirik Kristoffersen, has stressed the need for NATO members to bolster their military resources to prepare for a potential conflict with Russia, as reported by Dagbladet.

    "There is currently a window, which will possibly last for one, two, or three years, when we must invest even more in robust defence. We need to add substance to NATO's plans and ensure the necessary capabilities are in place," Kristoffersen stated.

    The Norwegian military chief informed that …

  • Norway pledges $218 million in support and air defense systems to Ukraine

    Norway is providing Ukraine with an additional three billion kroner ($218 million) in state support and air defense equipment, announced Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    "Just this morning, we learned that Ukraine was under attack by Russian missiles. You need all the support to defend yourself. Today, Norway announces additional support for Ukraine," Støre stated.

    Norway will transfer NASAMS air defense systems worth 335 million …

  • Media: Russian intelligence tries to purchase mini-submarines and underwater equipment from Norwegian companies

    Russian military intelligence (GRU) has tried several times over the past few years to purchase advanced technical equipment, including underwater, from Norwegian companies, reports the news website E24.

    According to the counterintelligence advisor of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), Dag Røhjell, in at least three cases, Russian intelligence bought or tried to buy equipment that, according to PST, could be used by the Russian army.

    The cases concern three people who, according to …

  • Russia is reportedly preparing acts of sabotage in the North Sea to cause chaos in Europe

    Russia uses civilian vessels to gather intelligence on Scandinavian countries' military activities and critical infrastructure in the North Sea, according to an investigation conducted by the special services and public broadcasters of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

    An entire fleet of Russian ships disguised as fishing trawlers and research vessels is reportedly studying and mapping the location of oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications cables, power plants and other facilities. …

  • Russia considers taking back part of Barents Sea previously ceded to Norway

    The Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, instructed the Duma Committee on International Affairs to consider the possibility of denouncing the agreement between the Russian Federation and Norway on Maritime Delimitation and Cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Earlier, this idea was voiced by the deputy of the Russian Communist Party Mikhail Matveev, after Norway refused to allow transit of goods going to Russian villages located on the Spitsbergen archipelago. …

  • Norway to donate three multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine

    Norwegian Prime Minister Gahr Store told journalists at the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday that his country will donate three multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine. Norway will supply the three systems to the United Kingdom, which will send three of its own systems to Ukraine.

    “Norway continues to do what it started back in February - to help Ukraine. In cooperation with the UK, the kingdom will provide Ukraine with access to long-range artillery rocket systems,” Store stated.

    Norway …

  • Russian nuclear submarine breaks down in Baltic Sea

    There was an accident on the Russian nuclear submarine K-266 Orel, reports the Danish Navy press service on its Facebook Page.

    The submarine, which was built in the late 1980s, is equipped with two nuclear reactors and belongs to the same class as the Kursk submarine sunk in 2000.

    According to the Danish Navy, the submarine stalled in the Baltic Sea near Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, and was unable to move due to possible problems with the propulsion system.

    The incident occurred on …