Russia accuses Israel of selling drone technology to Turkey

Turkey is actively using Bayraktar TB series of combat drones in Libya. The technology for the drones was acquired from Israel, writes the Russian news agency FAN, noting that Israel, being surrounded by unfriendly Arab states, reached out to Turkey, the only ally in the region.

The article claims that the drones of the Bayraktar family are very similar to the drones manufactured in Israel. This includes both the appearance, components, and technical solutions used in the Israeli IAI Heron and Aerostar drones.

The article argues that in the tactical and technical characteristics, the Turkish Bayraktar TB1 and Bayraktar TB2 stand between the above-mentioned Israeli drones, taking into account such indicators as payload and autonomous operation capabilities.

Bayraktar belongs to the medium-altitude combat and reconnaissance drones family.

“The Bayraktar TB2 multirole drones flew a total of 200,000 hours. This is a record for the Turkish aviation industry,” said Baykar Technologies, the manufacturer of the drones, on Twitter.

FAN’s article assumes that Israel and Turkey agreed to continue instability in Syria as long as possible.

"To slow down the process of restoring Syria's territorial integrity, Israel is not only supplying Turkey with its technology. It is forced to keep quiet about its dissatisfaction with Turkish actions in the Mediterranean, where Ankara violates the economic zones of Greece, Egypt and the Jewish state. Libya–Turkey maritime deal has not been met with official resistance by Israel," the Russian news agency writes.

The article argues that Turkey's actions in Syria and Libya are still in Israel's interest to weaken the Syrian Arab Republic.

"And as long as Turkey maintains its chosen vector, Israel will indirectly help Ankara to maintain the chaos in the Middle East," the article concludes.

Earlier, Ukrainian media published nightmarish statistics of the destruction of Russian Panstir-S1 air defense systems in Syria and Libya by Turkish drones.

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