Russia accuses Great Britain of 'provocations' over the Black Sea

Russian embassy in London complained about the actions of the Royal Air Forces of Great Britain, saying that a British fighter dangerously approached a Russian amphibious aircraft over the Black Sea.

“The Secretary of State for Defense Gavin Williamson and other British politicians presenting Russia’s routine actions as a ‘provocative incidents’ to the general public are themselves acting completely irresponsibly,” stressed the press secretary of the Russian Embassy.

“The idea to deploy NATO aircraft in Romania, Baltic countries and Poland in the light of this incident looks destructive,” the speaker of the diplomatic mission said.

The embassy was referring to an incident on August 24 when Eurofighter Typhoon intercepted Russian Be-12 amphibious anti-submarine patrol aircraft over the Black Sea which was flying from the Crimea.  

According to the Russian Embassy, “instead of strengthening the security of other European countries, London uses its military presence for provocative activities, including military actions, which is simply dangerous.”

The Russian Embassy noted that the flight of Russian patrol aircraft near Russia’s coasts hardly poses a threat to Britain.

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