Putin wants to reduce the number of audits and prosecutions of businessmen in Russia

President Vladimir Putin signed a list of orders "on measures to reduce the administrative burden on business entities in the Russian Federation,” as indicated in a statement by the press service of the Kremlin.

The orders are divided into two main parts. The first concerns planned and unscheduled inspections of businesses by the government controlling bodies and the second is regarding the detention of "suspects and those accused of committing crimes in the field of entrepreneurial activity."

Putin instructed his staff to limit the number of unscheduled inspections of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Each year their number should not exceed 30% of planned inspections. An exception was made for unscheduled inspections, the basis for which was damage to the life and health of citizens, animals, or emergencies. The time for conducting an unscheduled audit should not exceed ten working days.

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