Putin: Russia must create an army of a new generation

Russia should be among the leaders in building the army of a new generation, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Putin, with the advent of new technologies, the military sphere will be affected by profound transformations.

"We need not only to take into account these trends but make them the foundation of military planning and construction." Russia should be among the leading countries and in some areas the absolute leader in building a new generation army, the army of the era of the new technological order," he stated at the final collegium of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.

The situation in Syria and in the world as a whole confirms the correctness and timeliness of strengthening the Russian Army and Navy, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The situation in Syria, which I started this topic with, the military-political situation in the world confirms the correctness and timeliness of our decisions on strengthening the Army and Navy, and to move towards allocating the necessary resources for active military construction," Putin discussed on Friday at an expanded meeting of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry's collegium.

He has noted that in recent years, the deep structural transformations of the Armed Forces have been completed and the entire military administration system has become more effective.

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