Putin: Russia could be disconnected from world wide web, we must be ready

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at a meeting with representatives of Russian news agencies and print media, that there is a threat that Russia would be disconnected from the world wide web, the Kremlin press service reported.

Putin said that he could not speak about what’s on the mind “of our partners.”

“I think that they will think one hundred times before doing this. However, theoretically, anything is possible. Therefore, we, of course, have to create such [internet] segments that do not depend on anyone,” he noted.

Putin warned that, in event of such a scenario, this could have more than just economic and political repercussions. According to him, the interests of the special services will also suffer.

“They [ foreign countries] sit there; it’s their invention. Everyone is listening, watching and reading what you say, and they are collecting defense information, but this will not happen,” he continued.

“However, we must bear in mind that theoretically, it is possible, and to be ready for this, prepare for any situation,” the president summed up, adding that Russia will not disconnect itself from the world wide web.

Earlier, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the creation of an autonomous segment of Russian internet (RuNet). The bill was prepared taking into account the “aggressive nature” of US national cybersecurity agencies adopted in September 2018.

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