Putin rumored to have undergone cancer surgery

On the night of May 16 to 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly underwent a surgery. Doctors insisted that it had to be done quickly, reported the telegram channel General SVR. General SVR Telegram channel is reportedly operated by a general from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), who has information inaccessible to the general public. The channel is also believed to be associated with political scientist Valery Solovyov.

"According to the doctors involved in the treatment of the President [of the Russian Federation], the surgery was successful. We have already talked about the fact that Putin was personally absent from the public eye from May 17 to 19 and was not available even to close associates, with the exception of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev," said General SVR.

According to the Telegram channel, from May 17 to 19, the Russian president was not seen in public. Instead, the Russian TV showed pre-recorded meetings and messages. Putin had only 2 phone conversations during this time.

"On May 20, a video meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation was held with pre-recorded entry of the president. Putin's presence at the meeting was maintained using Deepfake technology," General SVR claims.

Further, the Telegram channel reports that on May 20, Putin became worse, but his condition was stabilized by doctors on the morning of the 21st.

"The attending physicians recommend that Putin rest in the coming days and strongly recommend to avoid personally participating in the meetings," General SVR said.

It is also noted that Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is one of the few who knows about the state of Putin’s health. It was Lukashenko who asked to maintain Putin’s public presence.

"It is possible that Lukashenko may even swear by the grave of his own father, who, according to Alexander Grigoryevich himself, died during the Great Patriotic War ten years before his birth, that Putin is completely healthy and conducts entertaining conversations with him. They take kayaks trips along the notorious Bocharov Ruchey and ski together in winter," the author claims.

There have been rumors about Vladimir Putin's cancer and his upcoming surgery. Russian-Israeli businessman and public figure Leonid Nevzlin, referring to the opinion of Israeli doctors, said that Putin may have health complications following the cancer treatment.

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