Putin: rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine is inevitable

In an interview for a new film by American Director Oliver Stone "In the struggle for Ukraine" (Revealing Ukraine) Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the rapprochement of the Russian Federation with Ukraine is inevitable, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

Putin noted that eventually Moscow and Kyiv will "develop more than friendly" relations.

"I think it's inevitable. In any case, it is necessary to build normal, friendly, and I would even say, more than friendly, partner relations. Also, eventually, we will come to the relations I am speaking about. Rapprochement is inevitable," Putin said.

Putin also said that he believes the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk who is a "man of the word," who stands for the independence of Ukraine that is possible through cooperation with Russia. Putin said that he agrees with Medvedchuk in this matter, although there is "a different point of view" on many other issues.

According to Putin, relations between the two countries have been impacted by "Kyiv's propaganda," which "accuses Russia of all the tragic events in Ukraine."

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