Putin promises unlimited financing for the Russian army

The Russian Defense Ministry has no restrictions on financing, and therefore the country's leadership expects appropriate results from the army on the battlefield, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry.

"We have no funding restrictions. The country, the government gives everything the army asks for. All. I hope that the answer will be properly formulated, and appropriate results will be achieved," Putin said.

He added that Russia plans to "maintain and improve the combat readiness of its nuclear forces," since "this is the basis of the balance of power in the world," as well as to put the Sarmat intercontinental missiles on combat duty soon.

At the same time, Putin called for expanding the arsenal of "modern strike weapons" and expanding the use of drones in the army, as well as introducing the use of artificial intelligence technology "at all levels of decision-making."

At the same time, the Kremlin’s master said that the mobilization revealed problems, and the Russian Defense Ministry needs to be attentive to criticism and "respond to it in a timely manner."

In June, Putin said that the first Samrat ballistic missile will be on combat duty before the end of 2022. However, only in April Russia carried out the first test launch of this missile and plans to conduct more test launches.

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