Putin promises to ‘pleasantly surprise’ countries which have hypersonic weapons

Russia will be ready when other countries have hypersonic weapons, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with “The News of the Week” on Rossiya 1 TV channel.

"They will have these weapons. But I think that we will be able to pleasantly surprise our partners because when they have these weapons, it is very likely that we will have a means to counter them," Putin said.

No one can shoot down hypersonic missiles, as "the speeds are such that it is impossible to take them down," he noted. According to Putin, Russia, today is in a "unique situation".

In early March, Putin noted that Russian hypersonic weapons allow to maintain a strategic balance in the world, thanks to which after the Second World War there were no major armed conflicts.

Putin said in his message to the Federal Assembly in March 2018 that Russia was developing the latest hypersonic weapons, in particular Sarmat and Avanguard missile systems, cruise missiles with nuclear power plants and Kinzhal hypersonic missile. However, the Pentagon called the U.S. defense against Russian hypersonic weapons undeniable. "Our deterrence capability remains unquestionable, capable of dominating and responding to any threat," said the head of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. John Hyten. Mike Mattis, then U.S. Defense Secretary, called the Strategy of the Russian President "an arms race within itself."

  Putin, Kinzhal, USA