Putin meets with Wagner PMC chief of staff, discusses deployment of mercenaries to Ukraine

Russian president Vladimir Putin met with Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Evkurov and former commander of the Wagner PMC Andrei Troshin, better known by his callsign Sedoy (Grey), reported  the Kremlin's press service.
During the meeting, Putin addressed Troshin, reminding him that at their previous meeting, they discussed his involvement in forming volunteer units to be primarily deployed on the Ukrainian front. Putin emphasized that Troshin, having fought for over a year himself in a "volunteer" unit, knows "how it's done".

Additionally, the Russian president instructed Sedoy to provide social guarantees to those currently or previously engaged in combat missions, regardless of their official status. The Telegram channel SHOT explains that Troshin will oversee the communication between "volunteer structures" and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Earlier reports in Russian media suggested Sedoy as a potential successor to the founder of the Wagner Group. Troshin held the position of chief of staff within the group, and following the death of its leadership, became the senior commander. Immediately after the June revolt, Putin proposed appointing Sedoy as the new commander for those PMC fighters who do not wish to follow Dmitry Uglanov to Belarus, sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense, or return home.
A few days ago, information emerged that Wagner mercenaries had returned to positions near Bahmut, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are carrying out a counteroffensive.

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