Putin gifts Kim Jong-un domestic car ‘to signify special friendship’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with a domestically manufactured car as a personal gift, signifying the special friendship between the two nations, Voice of America reports.

Details regarding the brand of the vehicle and the method of delivery were not specified. Analysts suggest such actions could contravene UN resolutions prohibiting luxury goods from entering North Korea. These sanctions aim to pressure the country to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

On Sunday, February 18, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong-un, accepted the gift and conveyed gratitude to Putin from her brother. North Korean state media reported that she emphasized the gesture reflects the special personal ties between the two leaders.

Cooperation between North Korea and Russia has intensified following Kim Jong-un's visit to Russia in September last year for a summit with President Putin. During his visit to Russia's main cosmodrome, Putin showcased the Aurus Senat limousine to the North Korean leader.

Sources highlight that Aurus stands out as Russia's premier domestic luxury car brand, actively used in official motorcades for senior officials, including President Putin. The brand was first spotted during the inauguration ceremony in 2018 and has since become a regular feature for major state events.

Despite possessing numerous luxury foreign cars, claims have surfaced that the 40-year-old Kim Jong-un has procured many of them illicitly, in violation of UN sanctions.

During his visit to Russia, he traveled between meeting points in a Maybach limousine, brought along in a special train carriage.

Recalling, Bloomberg reported that Kim Jong-un's friendship with Putin has become a new reason for him to refrain from starting a war. Russia's aggression against Ukraine aids in the development of North Korea's economy.

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