Putin dismisses claims of Russia attacking NATO Countries, warns Finland of 'problems'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed US President Joe Biden's claims that Russia would attack a NATO country in the event of victory in the war in Ukraine, calling them "complete nonsense". Putin further stated that Russia is not interested in fighting against the NATO military alliance. However, he warned that Finland, which is set to join NATO in 2023, could face "problems" in response to the move.

"There are no reasons, no interests – neither geopolitical, nor economic, nor political, nor military – for Russia to engage in a conflict with NATO countries," Putin said in an interview on Russian state television.

Putin's statement comes as a response to Biden's remarks, during which he criticized Republicans blocking aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia and claimed that Putin would not stop at Ukrainian territory but would target a NATO country.

During Putin's annual call-in show on December 14, he expressed willingness to establish relations with the US. In response, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller suggested that the Putin could first release illegally detained Russian citizens and withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine for negotiations with any Western country to take place.

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) stated that Russian president Vladimir Putin is already preparing for war with NATO, specifically against the Baltic countries. Analysts point to the restructuring of the Leningrad Military District as evidence of this.
German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius believes that Europe must modernize in the face of new threats, including the Russian military threat to Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and the Baltic countries.

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