Putin demands that Russian Space Agency explain delays with super-heavy rocket program

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos explain the delays with the super-heavy rocket program.

According to Putin, the state corporation was tasked with preparing a number of new programs such as the development of a super-heavy rocket, the creation of a space group within the framework of the Sphere project, and the development of the GLONASS system.

"However, as I see it, these programs have not been approved to date. I ask you to provide details as to what is the reason for such a delay and when they will be finalized," Putin said during a meeting on the development of the space industry, broadcast by Rossiya 24 TV channel.

He stressed that this work should be done in the near future. According to the President, amid large budget expenditures to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, it is important to correctly prioritize, objectively assess the existing scientific, technological and production potential of the space industry. "So that these investments bring practical benefits in the areas of navigation, communication, television broadcasting in the near and medium term," Putin concluded.

Roscosmos' current rocket program consists of six launch vehicles. The heaviest of these is the Angara-A5B, which is under design. In the summer of 2020, Roscosmos included in this project the development of a rocket with reusable return modules. According to preliminary data, the price of one Angara-A5 rocket will be 5 billion rubles ($65 million USD).

Roscosmos plans to develop a super-heavy Enisey rocket by 2028. The launch pad for these rockets should be located at the Vostochny Cosmodrome. In November 2019, the project was sent for revision.

In October 2020, the State Missile Center named after academician V.P. Makeev (GRC) developed the concept of super-heavy launch vehicles based on the "Leader" rocket. They can be used for missions to Mars and the Moon.

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