Putin announces enhancement of nuclear arsenal, accuses West of waging ‘hybrid war’ against Russia

Speaking at an expanded meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is modernizing its nuclear arsenal and "maintaining its strategic forces at the highest level of readiness, as the West wages a hybrid war against Russia." 

Putin claims that all attempts to strategically defeat Russia have failed, and the West continues to wage a hybrid war against Russia, actively supplying Ukraine with weaponry and intelligence.

"There has been a sharp increase in NATO activity. In '91, they said, 'no inch to the East.' Well, that's a load of nonsense. They're sticking their noses right at our fence," Putin protested.

He also announced the deployment of 15 missile systems, including Yars and Avangard, on combat duty by the end of the year. Putin added that Russia needs to expand its satellite group on a global scale.

"The progress of the special military operation has revealed problems. We need to seriously rebuild the work of our communication systems, by an order of magnitude more effectively employ modern means of reconnaissance, target designation, and counter-battery combat, and increase the capabilities of our satellite group not only in the EAO area but also on a global scale," he said.

Putin also stressed that Russia needs to increase the production and delivery of high-precision ammunition, different types of unmanned aerial vehicles, and improve air defense operations.

"Our well-known systems, such as Pantsir, Buk, S-300, S-400, work flawlessly. They are the best in the world without exaggeration," said the Russian president.

Moreover, Putin added that Russia needs to equip its troops with advanced types of weaponry, such as robotic systems, combat lasers, as well as weapons based on artificial intelligence and new physical principles.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu reported that Russia is forming two new military districts - Leningrad and Moscow - due to Finland's NATO membership and Sweden's plans to join the alliance.

"We take into account the agreement signed between the United States and Finland, which provides for the deployment of Americans in 21 Finnish military facilities, including all four air bases," said Shoygu.

In early November, Putin signed a decree canceling the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

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