Putin: 150 ballistic missile launches detected by Russian radar systems over 3 years

During a meeting on defense in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that for three years the launches of 150 ballistic missiles were tracked using the space system of early-warning radars, reports RBC news agency.

"During the past three years, it has recorded, in a timely manner, that is, according to standards, the launches of over 150 ballistic missiles and carrier missiles of both Russian and foreign origin," said Putin.

The meeting in Sochi is devoted to the orbital component of the Russian Aerospace Forces. At the opening of the meeting, President noted, that much work has been done in the past six years to improve Russian orbital group of military and dual-purpose spacecraft. "Its parts have been updated by almost 80% and increased by half," Putin said.

"There is no need to say in detail that the preservation of strategic stability and military affairs directly depends on effectively solving security problems in space," the Russian President told the participants of the meeting, proposing to discuss the prospects for the development of the orbital component of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Putin opened another series of defense-related meetings on May 13 in Kazan, where he visited the Kazan Aircraft Production Association and then had a meeting in Akhtubinsk, where he arrived accompanied by six Su-57 fighters.

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