Prosecutor proposes to return Yanukovych to Ukraine with the help of special forces

If the court passes a guilty verdict, the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych could be returned to the country with the help of special forces, believes the prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko, reports Hromadske.

According to the prosecutor, the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine need to do everything possible to ensure that the court enforces the decision on Yanukovych.

"It is possible to create a special unit, for example, like the Israeli Mossad. They can ensure that the special forces penetrate into the territory of Russia and bring him back to Ukraine," said Kravchenko   in response to a question of how Kyiv would manage it if the former president of the country does not want to leave Russia.

Ukraine accused Yanukovych of high treason, complicity in conducting aggressive war and complicity in deliberate actions committed with the aim of changing the borders of the territory and state border of Ukraine.

In August, the Main Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine requested to sentence him to 15 years in prison.

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