Prime Minister of Lithuania: We must continue to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons

Saulius Skvernelis, the Prime Minister of Lithuania, stated during the Kyiv Security Forum that he is convinced of the necessity to continue supplying lethal weapons for Ukraine’s defensive purposes.

Skvernelis stated: “We must continue to help Ukraine with lethal weapons—but not for the purpose to show that we want to encourage a war. We want to defend ourselves, and having lethal weapons means that we can save the lives of the military. I emphasize, this is not the encouragement of military operations, but an opportunity to save the lives of civilians and military personnel.”

He added that Ukraine’s partners need to fully support civilians who have suffered from military operations in the Donbas by providing them with humanitarian aid.

The Prime Minister stated: “I want to encourage all our friends to invest in such aid for residents of the region, so they understand that they have not been forgotten. We can also assist in reconstruction of schools, kindergartens and the country’s infrastructure.”

On Wednesday, April 11, Skvernelis visited the front-line in Avdiivka. He visited an outpatient clinic which was repaired with funds from Lithuania, and opened a children's playground equipped with Lithuanian volunteers. He also donated equipment to strengthen the television signal over the occupied territory.

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