President Zelensky asks Ukrainian oligarchs for $500 million to fight coronavirus

During a meeting with representatives of big business, which was held at the Presidential Office on the evening of March 16, Vladimir Zelensky asked the businessmen for 12 billion hryvnias ($500 million),

"I spoke to them very frankly. I said this country has been feeding you for a long time. It's time for you to help. We are establishing a separate fund. We're going to need about 12-13 billion hryvnias. We need their help," Zelensky said on the “Freedom of Speech” talk show.

Earlier, the journalists of the TV show "Schemes" reported about an unpublicized visit to the President’s office by big Ukrainian businessmen.

The film crew of the program recorded the motorcade of the owner of the DCH Holding Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, and the founder of the Kernel Group Andrey Verevskiy, as well as Rinat Akhmetov's car.

It was also reported that, an hour before the meeting, a private jet, which is owned by Igor Kolomoisky, flew from Dnipro to Kyiv.

Later, the presidential press service confirmed the information that Volodymyr Zelensky met with the oligarchs and representatives of big business. The press service said that the meeting was about the coronavirus situation in Ukraine.

In particular, the President spoke about the required help with the purchase and delivery of large shipments of test kits, necessary medical equipment, protective suites and disinfectants.

The Ukrainian President called on businessmen to be socially responsible and help preserve the health and life of Ukrainians.

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