Poroshenko: Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive 4 times more anti-tank systems in 2018

The National Security and Defense Council under the representatives from the office of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, held a session during which the state defense order for 2018 was discussed, as reported on the president’s official website.

According to Poroshenko, this year the number of anti-tank missile systems will grow by a factor of four.

“I had the opportunity to communicate directly with the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) commanders, with the brigade commanders, and I can say of those priorities, which the Ukrainian warriors, the Ukrainian heroes set before me, as before the president and supreme commander, that there need to be new anti-tank systems, both Stugna, of Ukrainian production, and others of foreign [production],” the president observed.

“Today I can say that the quantity of anti-tank weapons will increase by a factor of four. And all of this must be directly in the ATO. Me must not reduce the combat capability level of our units,” Poroshenko added.
He also mentioned that Ukraine will receive Javelin anti-tank missile systems from the US.

“A second position which was established as a priority is means of electronic warfare. We need the ability to protect Ukrainian positions from hostile unmanned aircraft, and provide electronic support to our forces’ activity,” the president emphasized.

According to him, in the state defense order the expenditure to purchase modern means of electronic warfare, of both Ukrainian and foreign production, has tripled. Expenditure on providing fighters with anti-sniper systems is to grow by a factor of 10.

Poroshenko also said that the basic figures of the state defense order have increased significantly this year, to 21 billion hryvnia. This is 37% more than in 2017.

“This is characteristic of the priorities which I, as president and supreme commander, the parliament and government present for expanding the defensive capabilities of our state,” the president said.

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