President Poroshenko refuses to predict the onset of peace in Ukraine

In an interview with the SK1 TV channel, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he does not want to make predictions about when the peace will come to the country’s territory since it would be dishonest towards Ukrainian citizens.

"I will not promise at what hour. It is not fair. I will not be a supporter of populists who try to deceive people. I call for responsible discussion and a great responsibility for the fate of the state, for its future, " he responded to the question of when, in his opinion, peace will come.

According to him, in order for the country to achieve peace, Ukraine needs a strong army, support of the international community and sanctions against the "aggressor country". At the same time, Poroshenko stressed that he does not agree to make peace agreements at the expense of surrender.

Poroshenko also noted that he was not going to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for permission to join NATO or the European Union, and called the North Atlantic alliance the only mean to ensure national security. "So we will not ask Putin for anything, we are moving forward to Europe. We will not let anyone threaten Ukraine, including in the Sea of Azov, “said Poroshenko.

In July, at a meeting with ambassadors and permanent representatives of Russia, Putin said that Moscow would adequately respond to the emerging threats and aggressive actions of Western countries. He noted the need to take into account the consequences if Ukraine and Georgia would be included in NATO.

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