Ukrainian President Poroshenko orders more antitank systems sent to Donbas

In a Twitter post, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that, at a military meeting in Yavoriv, he ordered that brigades at the contact line be reinforced with Stugna anti-tank missile systems.

The Stugna anti-tank missile system was developed by the design company Luch in 2010. The basic version consists of a launcher mounted on a tripod, a missile container, an aiming device, and a remote control that allows the operator to launch from a distance. It is considered to be the Ukrainian version of the Javelin. The U.S. allowed their use in the Donbas only in the case of an enemy offensive.

In January 2018, Poroshenko stated that this year the Ukrainian Armed Forces would receive 4 times more anti-tank systems in 2018 than before.

According to him, in the state defense order the expenditure to purchase modern means of electronic warfare, of both Ukrainian and foreign production, has tripled. Expenditure on providing fighters with anti-sniper systems is to grow by a factor of 10.

  Stugna antitank missile system, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Donbas