Poroshenko: everyone will speak Ukrainian in the country

President Petro Poroshenko said that the reform of secondary education will lead to every Ukrainian being able to speak the Ukrainian language, during a speech at a forum of local communities, 112 Ukraine writes.

"We have adopted new and ambitious reforms of the educational system, which is doing very important work. It not only makes the education process modern, interactive, and flexible, but there is one more important thing - we are returning the use of the Ukrainian language to Ukrainians in childhood. Yes, we should protect national minorities, but the Ukrainian language will be spoken by every Ukrainian. Preferably, while speaking several others, there are no problems with this," Poroshenko said.

On September 5th, the Verkhovna Rada, with 255 votes in favor, adopted on the law "On Education," which, in particular, regulates the use of the Ukrainian language in the field of education. On September 28th, the law came into effect.

The law states that when children go to schools starting on September 1, 2018, they will have the opportunity to study in their native language only in primary school - the first four years. From the fifth grade on, all subjects will be taught in Ukrainian.

Officials in a number of countries that have a large diaspora in Ukraine have protested this rule.


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