Poroshenko criticizes Nord Stream-2 prior to his visit to Germany

In an interview with the German publication Handelsblatt, just one day prior to his visit to Germany, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline a “political bribe”, and suggested drawing attention to the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS).

Germany is one of the countries most committed to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The pipeline, according to blueprints, will run along the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, and will transport Russian gas to Europe.
Germany has referred to Nord Stream 2 as an exclusively commercial project and has given explicit permission for its construction. In contrast, a number of European countries, particularly the Baltic States and Poland, are against the new pipeline’s construction.

“Nord Stream 2 is a purely political project that is being financed by Russia. Excuse my harsh words, but Nord Stream 2 is a political bribe for loyalty to Russia," the Ukrainian president said.

Poroshenko called Moscow an extremely unreliable partner and said that the implementation of the gas pipeline would lead to an economic and energy blockade of Ukraine. He added that Nord Stream 2 has no economic basis because a Ukrainian transit gas pipeline already exists which “can [transport gas] for much cheaper." In addition, Poroshenko noted, existing infrastructure can be easily and inexpensively upgraded.

"The transit gas pipeline through Ukraine can be expanded without significant investment. Just ask us instead of investing $10 billion in Nord Stream 2," the Ukrainian President said.

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