President Poroshenko and National Security and Defense Council agree to impose martial law in Ukraine

The NSDC and the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko supported at an emergency meeting introducing Martial law in the country for 60 days. According to Ukrainian media, all participants spoke in favor of this decision, including the head of government, Volodymyr Groysman.

Poroshenko himself said that he would introduce martial law for the Verkhovna Rada to consider, and it will make the final decision. At the same time, the Ukrainian president made assurances that Ukraine will not start an offensive in the Donbas or mobilize troops. “The necessary work will be carried out with the reserves firstly,” he said.

Poroshenko also promised not to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens, but asked journalists to “cover the events prudently.”

The meeting of the NSDC was held after an emergency meeting of the military council of Ukraine, at which the situation in the Kerch Strait was discussed. The detention of three ships of the Ukrainian Navy was regarded as an “act of aggression.”

On Monday Morning, Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of November 26, 2018 "On emergency measures to ensure state sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and the imposition of martial law in Ukraine."  The decree has been published on the presidential website.

The decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine contains 12 points, among which is the proposal to impose martial law in Ukraine for 60 days from 14:00 on November 26 to January 25, 2019. The document also speaks of the need to convene a UN Security Council and the Permanent Council of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The last point of the decree is marked as "Classified".

The presidential decree on the imposition of martial law in Ukraine has already been published on the website of the Ukrainian parliament.

The decree will be considered at an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, which will begin on Monday, November 26, at 16:00 Kyiv time.

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