Speaker of Polish Parliament: Nord Stream 2 will leave Ukraine vulnerable to Russian aggression

Polish Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński believes that if the Nord Stream 2 project is realized, Ukraine will be completely defenseless against Russian military aggression.

Kuchciński made a statement to this effect during the 11th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów, Poland, a Evropeyska Pravda reports.

“We are very concerned about the second Nord Stream project that is being realized by the Russians and Germans. I emphasize – the Russians together with the Germans. This is a threat to us all. It isn’t just a question of economics – the implementation of this project will send a signal that the Russians have gotten away with everything. In the long run, if this project is realized, Ukraine will be defenseless in the face of full-scale Russian aggression,” the marshal commented.

He drew attention to a recent letter against Nord Stream 2 by the speakers of parliament of five countries.

“This kind of unity gives us a chance. But a lot depends directly on Ukraine, on its reform, primarily in the energy sphere,” he added.

The leaders of the parliaments of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia recently signed an open letter stating that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is intended to make the EU dependent on Russian energy. The letter had already been signed earlier by Ukraine and Moldova.

The letter notes that energy security is a key component of a united and flourishing Europe. The letter’s authors believe that despite the fact that Nord Stream 2 is presented as a commercial project,  it is actually a Russian political instrument.

Estonia has also joined the initiative against Nord Stream 2.

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