President of Poland: if we forgive Russia for Ukraine and Georgia, we are in for a tragedy

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said that sooner or later relations with Russia will be restored, however for now the attitude towards them on the international scene is very cold and sanctions are in force. To improve this, Russia must return the wreckage of Tu-154 aircraft to Poland and begin to observe international law.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that he had talked with German President, Frank Walter-Steinmeier about the return of the fragments of Tu-154 to Poland before the visit of the German head of state to Moscow in late October, writes.

According to him, the German president called him before his visit to Moscow, where, among other things, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking about relations with Russia, the President noted that it is necessary to try to build them, but, first of all, to expect the observance of international law by Russia as a foundation to this effort.

He noted that the present relationship between Russia and the international community is cold and the sanctions are still in force because, in his opinion, the Russian authorities grossly violated the norms of international law and shattered European order by violating the borders in Europe.

"After all, it was not only with Ukraine, but also earlier with Georgia, in 2008, and one should not pretend that it did not happen. If we pretend that this does not exist, then this will lead to a tragic ending as history has already taught us," the President emphasized.

According to Andrzej Duda, dialogue with Russia is needed, but today it can only take place at the ambassadorial level, because Russia is constantly acting in a way that cannot be "politically accepted" in any case.

"Only if Russia ceases to commit acts that violate international law and renounces them, will it be possible to raise these relations to a higher level, and what has been destroyed will be restored," the Polish president concluded. He expressed hope that sooner or later this will be possible.

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