Polish largest oil and gas company plans to produce gas in Ukraine's Lviv region

The largest Polish oil and gas company PGNiG plans to produce gas in the Lviv region with the Ukrainian ERA trading company, reports PGNiG.

"The agreement we signed today will allow us to produce natural gas in a very promising region. I am confident that our partnership with the ERA trading company will contribute to the value of both companies," said PGNiG's Board President Piotr Woźniak.

The agreement between ERA trading and PGNiG provides for joint operations in the Lviv region.

First, an exploration well well will be drilled to a depth of 2,500 meters, and geophysical surveys will be conducted to find places for new wells. Work will begin as soon as all necessary permits and licenses are obtained.

"We have good reason to believe that the region has a powerful production potential similar to the Przemyśl gas field, which is the largest natural gas field in Poland," said Woźniak.

Now gas production at the Przemyśl gas field is 0.48 billion cubic meters per year, but in 1971 it reached 3.7 billion cubic meters. According to official documents, the gas reserves in the field amounted to about 74 billion cubic meters of natural gas, of which 65 billion have already been produced. However, thanks to the latest geophysical surveys and re-analysis of previously collected data, PGNiG expects that the Przemyśl field may contain an additional 20 billion cubic meters of gas. These assumptions were confirmed by new exploration wells and reconstruction of old wells carried out by PGNiG over the past three years.

  PGNiG, Ukraine, Poland