Poland wants to connect gas pipeline to Ukrainian gas transportation system

The representative of the Polish government for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Peter Naimsky said that Poland is ready to launch the pipeline with a volume of two thousand billion cubic meters, which will connect the Polish gas transmission system with the Ukrainian system in Hermanowice.

"We are ready if necessary, to start the pipeline, which will connect the Polish system with the Ukrainian system in Hermanowice. Its capacity is 2 billion cubic meters. It's not much, but in case if Ukrainians will need urgent help, we will be ready to provide it," said Naimsky.

He also stressed that at the moment Poland is waiting for a decision from the Ukrainian side.

Earlier, the European Commission reported that new negotiations on gas will take place in September. Gazprom offered Ukrainian company Naftogaz to achieve a settlement agreement and set conditions for signing a new contract.

Later Gazprom's Deputy Head of the Legal Department Sergey Kuznets said that the Russian company doesn't see the opportunity to conclude a transit contract with Naftogaz after 2019 on the EU terms due to “the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian side”.

Ukraine warned European countries about the need to prepare for the gas crisis because of the uncertainty regarding the new agreement with Russia on transit through the Ukrainian natural gas transmission system.

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