Poland: decision to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine should be made by NATO

The decision to provide Ukraine with MiG-29 fighters should be unanimously adopted by NATO, said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, reports Polskie Radio.

He stressed that Poland supplies Ukraine with "exclusively defense weapons."

"We did not agree to supply the aircraft ourselves, as this should be the decision made by NATO. This is a very important decision. We, as responsible politicians, are fighting on all possible fronts, and avoiding additional provocations, moves that could lead to even more difficult scenarios. We are fighting for peace to reign, but we are also fighting for Ukraine to survive as a sovereign state," the Prime Minister stressed.

Morawiecki also said that Poland coordinates its actions with NATO allies and Ukrainian partners. This applies both to negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and to the supply of weapons.

Earlier, the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that Poland was ready to transfer all its MiG-29 aircraft to the United States for further delivery to Ukraine.

The United States rejected the idea of sending these fighter jets to Ukraine.

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