Poland: by attacking Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait Russia proves it is part of the conflict

During a discussion regarding the militarization of the Crimea, the Black and Azov Sea, at the OSCE meeting, the Polish Foreign Minister, Jacek Czaputowicz stated that the attack by attacking Ukrainian military ships in the Kerch Strait, Russia had proven  that it is a part of the ongoing conflict, Evropeyska Pravda reports.

Czaputowicz noted the legal importance of Russia officially recognizing the attack of their military on Ukrainian ships.

“Now Russia cannot deny that it is not a part of the conflict. Now they cannot hide behind some kind “green people,” he noted.

The Polish Minister also assured that the reasons that Russia used to justify the attack are not convincing.

“Russia’s explanation that it has to defend a critical piece of infrastructure, which is an illegally built bridge to the unlawfully annexed Crimea; they can't be serious,” he said.

The US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell, who also participated in the discussion, recalled that Russia fired on and seized the Ukrainian ships when they were already heading away from the Crimean Bridge and were in international waters.

As reported, Mitchell, who heads the US delegation at the OSCE meeting of ministers, also declared at this event that it is unacceptable to blame Kyiv for the Azov crisis, in which Russia is exclusively at fault.

  Poland, Russia, Ukraine