Poland and Ukraine to create a Ukraine-NATO joint initiative on countering hybrid threats

The NATO-Ukraine Platform on Countering Hybrid Warfare will be opened in Warsaw, October 26, as reported by Polskie Radio.

It is noted that the aim of the Platform is to create mechanisms for cooperation between NATO and Ukraine on issues related to the fight against hybrid threats.

Establishing a platform is one of the key elements of the Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine that nation leaders adopted during the NATO summit in Warsaw in 2016.

More than a hundred experts from Poland and other NATO countries and partner countries of the Alliance, the Secretariat of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ukrainian parliament and the Ukrainian National Institute for Strategic Studies will take part in the conference, which is being held as part of the platform.

The conference is organized by the National Security Bureau and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

"Ukraine, which is fighting against Russian aggression, has unique experience as a functioning state in hybrid war conditions, which is important for NATO member countries, especially those whose stability is politically and strategically essential for the Alliance," the statement said.

Earlier in October, Ukraine received access to NATO’s Logistics Electronic Database.

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