Poland allocates funds for restoration of cultural heritage in Ukraine

The budget of the National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad Polonika in 2019 is about 6 million zlotys ($1.52 million USD). 3.8 million zlotys ($1 million USD) are intended for the restoration of monuments in Ukraine, reports the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

Polish restorers have already removed six statues of the apostles from the fence of the Latin Cathedral in Lviv (Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) to restore them.

Other projects include the restoration of the wall paintings of Franciszek and Sebastian Akhtanov on the vault of the nave of the Jesuit Church in Lviv (Paul Garrison Church).

Polish specialists also work in the Armenian Cathedral of Lviv. Recently, the restoration of wall paintings by Jan Henrik Rosen in the presbytery of the Cathedral was completed. This year it is planned to restore the mosaic with the image of the Holy Trinity, which was created by Józef Mehoffer.

The works are carried out in the former hospital of St. Lazarus, which was founded in 1618 by the Dominican brotherhood of St. Rosary. It is planned to restore the reliefs "Lazarus in front of the rich man's house" and "Lazarus in Abraham's bosom."

The money is also allocated for the repair and restoration of stairs with a sculpture of the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary, which goes to the Baroque Church of St. Anthony. Rzeczpospolita points out that famous Polish poet and dramatist Zbigniew Herbert was baptized in this church.

The Polish restorers are working in the cities of Vynnyky, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Berdychiv, Tyvriv, Zhovkva.

  Poland, Ukraine