Head of Special Investigation Prosecutors Office: Only one person is serving a sentenced for committing crimes during Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity

Only one person is serving a real sentence for crimes committed during Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, as stated by the head of the Department of Special Investigations of the Prosecutor General's Office, Serhiy Horbatyuk in an interview with Focus.

More than three thousand crimes are being investigated, Horbatyuk said about the events of Maidan. There are 110 suspects on the wanted list.

About 380 people were informed about allegations against them, 239 indictments were sent to court, 48 people were found guilty, and one person is serving a real sentence. "And still he is just a ‘titushka,’ not a law enforcement officer," he said. The titushkas were mercenary agents who supported the Ukrainian police force during the administration of Viktor Yanukovych.

Of the 380 suspects, 48 are officials at the leadership level of Kyiv police, the regions, the heads of the regional administrations, their deputies, ministers and the president.

Among the suspects, there are 201 law enforcement officers, including 22 investigators, 15 prosecutors and 14 judges.

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