Associate of the ousted Ukrainian President arrested in Kiev

Vasily Gulick was one of the accomplices of the ousted Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, and helped him to illegally appropriate Mezhyhirya and Suholuchie residences.
"The officers of the Ukrainian Security services have arrested the Deputy Head of the public management of the former President Yanukovich, Vasily Gulick" – reported the press center of the Security Services.
The official from the President Yanukovich's team was on a nationwide wanted list and was arrested in Kyiv.

Between 2007 and 2010, Vasily Gulick was the Head of “Kiev Universal Service” corporation and was using the company for money laundering and illegal transfer of public and private funds.
"The funds obtained through these shadow operations were later used to service the estates of the former President Yanukovich" – stated the press center of the Ukrainian Security Services.
Vasily Gulick was brought to the Prosecutor General's Office for further investigation.

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