US to help Ukrainian Armed Forces create rapid response units

The United States is ready to continue to support Ukraine.

According to Douglas Hoyt, the head of the military-political department of the US Embassy in Ukraine, American specialists will join a team creating a special unit of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU). The main function of this unit would be to act as a rapid resonse team.  As reported by the press service of the Ministry, this was discussed during a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs on European Integration, Tigran Avakian.

“The key to following our path in the right direction is our regular and productive meetings,” Avakian said.

The NGU Commander, Lieutenant General Yuri Allerov, spoke about the achievements in this area.  He also informed the American delegation about future plans.

“In the process of becoming a major organization that will meet the demands of our time, one of our next steps will be the creation of a special unit to act as a rapid response team.  We are hoping for your help to achieve this,” Lieutenant General Yuri Allerov said.

Douglas Hoyt reassured all parties concerned that the United States is ready to continue to support Ukraine.

He stated, “It’s good that we have the opportunity to join the creation of a unit.  It’s much easier and more efficient to create a new unit than change the old one.”  Hoyt also noted that this new unit will take into account threats that currently exist.

Lieutenant General Yuri Allerov has extensive training as well as considerable experience during the war against Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas region.

Further discussions regarding the assistance of the United States with the establishment of this rapid response team will take place next week.  It will occur during a visit to the training base of the NGU in Dnepropetrovsk by the Commander of Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the US in Europe.  Discussions will also take place during a visit by the Secretary of Defense of the US to Ukraine.

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