How Russia Is a Threat to Ukraine

Political expert, Olesya Yahno, stated that possible renewal of military actions east of the country, as well as the unpredictability of Russia and its internal processes, poses a threat to Ukraine. “Potential risks apply not only to former Soviet countries but the whole Asian territory and Central Asia in particular. Kurdistan is not simply a problem for one particular country; it’s a problem for other nations as well,” stated Yahno.

On the other hand, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are all potential problems for Kurds.

“In this sense, if Russia starts to intensify actions in Armenia, for example, where there is a Russian military base, it’s obvious that Azerbaijan, which has the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, can also step up its actions,” Yahno said.

According to her, there is no dissension between Western countries and it was clear from the beginning why Turkey opposed Russia joining the anti-ISIS Coalition. The fact that Russia carried out airstrikes on positions of Assad opposition severely damaged Turkish interests. That is why volatility in this region will continue to grow.

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