The US and Canada to help reform Ukraine's Anti-Monopoly Committee

The Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) signed a memorandum with the US Federal Trade Commission, which involves the participation of international experts in the development of anti-monopoly policies in Ukraine, the head of the AMCU Yuriy Terentyev said, UNIAN reports.

"We signed a memorandum of cooperation with the US Federal Trade Commission this Wednesday. This program provides ongoing professional support for the work of the Anti-Monopoly Committee by the Commission," Terentyev said at the II Antitrust Forum in Kiev.

The Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission's Office of International Affairs, Russell Damtoft, noted that within the framework of the cooperation, three experts will be sent to Ukraine to share the experience of anti-monopoly regulation in the US and Canada.

"We bring to Ukraine the experience of the commission… gained over the centuries. During this time, we have had both successes and mistakes, and we will be happy if other countries benefit from our experience," Damtoft said.

Two specialists from the US Federal Trade Commission and one from the Canadian Anti-Monopoly Department will aid the AMCU. They will offer methods and techniques of conducting investigations, as well as economic analysis, tried and tested in the work of the foreign anti-monopoly departments.

"We do not need someone to come and do our job for us. We need for the largest possible number of AMCU to be taught to work correctly,” Terentyev said.

The collaboration is set for a two-year period. The first group of three experts will work for 6 months, after which their rotation will end and new experts will arrive.

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