Ukrainian soldiers to participate in NATO's Flaming Thunder 2016 exercises in Lithuania

Ukrainian soldiers of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade will participate in NATO’s Flaming Thunder 2016 exercises in Lithuania, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported, citing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The annual Lithuanian-led live-fire exercise, which focuses on artillery and mortar fire training, will be held near Pabradė and will last from August 1st to 12th.

Military personnel from the US, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, and Portugal will also participate in the exercises.

“In two weeks, during these maneuvers, our gunners can share practical experiences with colleagues from the armies of other countries,” Ukrainian Colonel Daviid Davidenko of the 8th Airborne Assault Brigade stated.

“Until this time, we have not participated in such events on an international scale,” Davidenko stated.

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