Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office: Russia refuses to extradite Yanukovych

The Prosecutor’s Office raises the question of his interrogation in Russia

As was stated by the chief of the head investigative department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, Sergey Gorbatyuk, Russia has denied Ukraine’s request to extradite the former Ukrainian President, Victor Yanukovych, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"About a month ago, we received notification of Russia’s refusal to extradite the former President," Gorbatyuk stated. In response, the Prosecutor’s Office raised the question on his interrogation in Russia. "An investigation is impossible in Russia without the involvement of enforcement agencies from this country," he noted.

Gorbatyuk also stated that Yanukovych’s lawyers provided an explanation. "As for the statements of the lawyers.... They indeed gave explanations for the investigation... These explanations have been attached to the case file... There should be an international legal order concerning his interrogation," Gorbatyuk stated. He informed that in these explanations Yanukovych denies his involvement in the dispersal on the Maidan.

On the 1st of March it became known that Yanukovych intended to return to Ukraine as the President. His lawyer emphasized that the former President is not on an international search list and may move freely around the world.

The next day the General Prosecutor’s Office stated that Russia is not responding to requests concerning their cooperation in the investigation of Yanukovych’s case.

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