Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office releases details on state funds appropriated by Yanukovych officials

In 2015, Ukraine didn't return a single penny of the assets stolen by the former government officials during the reign of fugitive former President, Viktor Yanukovych, said Deputy Prosecutor General, Vitaliy Kasko, in an interview with LІ

According to Kasko, 300,000 hryvnia had been returned, though none of this had been a part of the assets of former officials.

The Deputy Prosecutor General said the budget contains provisions relating to refunds resulting from corruption all the way down the ladder- by the deputy of a village council, the police, or a public prosecutor.

"The decision about which exact account or budget article they should refund after the confiscation is made by the executive service. In fact, the funds received as a result of court judgments during last year amounted to about 300,000 hryvnia. This being much different from the rumored 8,000, which is a surprising number, given the level of corruption in Ukraine," he said.

When asked about the statement on zero refunds received from the assets of former President, Viktor Yanukovych, Kasko said, "No refunds, because to date, no Ukrainian court convicted former officials from the sanctions list."

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