Ukrainian President signed the law allowing foreigners to serve in Ukrainian army

“The issue about granting of Ukrainian citizenship to foreign nationals protecting our country, will be reviewed immediately” – declared President Petro Poroshenko in response to the electronic petition signed by thousands of Ukrainians.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on Tuesday November 3, signed a law that gives foreign nationals and stateless persons the right to serve in the Ukrainian army.  This is reported on the website of the Parliament of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, which published the text of  “Amendments to the law on military service of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine’s armed forces”.

On the same day, Poroshenko said, that he will immediately review the issue of granting Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners, those  “who were protecting or protect territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”

The statements were published on the President’s website.

This was in response to the electronic petition requiring to grant citizenship to foreigners, who were protecting and protect Ukraine in a war zone in the east of the country. In Ukraine, the law provides simplified citizenship granting process of the persons, “who have rendered outstanding service to the country” – noted Poroshenko.

The law allowing foreigners and stateless persons to perform military service in Ukrainian army was adopted by the parliament of Ukraine on October 6.

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