Ukrainian President: Moscow will not stop us from free trade zone with EU

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, noted that Moscow’s disapproval  of the  free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU will be unsuccessful. He discussed this among other things in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels published December 6.

"If someone in Kremlin wants us to ask their permission for a free trade zone with EU, it will not happen. We will not give in to any blackmail," the President said and added that the Free Trade Agreement will come into effect starting January 1 2016.

According to Poroshenko, since 2013 Russia has limited the access of Ukrainian products to the Russian market. "If Russia takes a respective decision regarding the proposed free trade zone we will have to demonstrate an adequate response," the President said.

Poroshenko also said that during his visit to Brussels on December 16-17, he plans to talk with the EU officials on the visa-free regime, the introduction of a free trade zone, and security and energy issues.

This is the second statement in a week issued by Poroshenko about the unacceptability of the Russian disapproval of the free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. On December 2, during the visit to Lithuania, the President also noted that Ukraine will not respond to Russia’s blackmail.

From January 1, 2016 Russia plans to unilaterally cancel the preferential regime for Ukrainian imports in response to a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU.   

On November 17, Poroshenko announced the receipt of a note from the Council of the European Union according to which the completion of all procedures for a free trade zone will be announced by the EU beginning January 1,  2016.

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