Ukrainian military says it is ready to adopt Euro-Atlantic principles and standards

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to transition to Euro-Atlantic principles and standards, said Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy Chernobay, a spokesperson from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, at a briefing on Friday.

“Last year fifteen combat brigades, two regiments and four battalions, as well as one brigade, six regiments and eleven battalions of operational, combat, logistics and technical support, were created,” he said.

According to him, the additional combat units allowed the Armed Forces to transition from relying on individual companies and battalion tactical groups, which were formed on the basis of readiness during mobilization and had a different composition, size, armament and, consequently, combat capabilities, to using full combat brigades united in operational and tactical groups.

“These changes in the structure and composition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is part of the implementation of a chosen course of transition to Euro-Atlantic principles and standards, which defined the content of measures for the improvement of the management system of the Armed Forces,” he stressed.

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