Ukrainian journalist: Twenty-five Crimean Tatars were detained and interrogated in Yevpatoria

Noted Ukrainian journalist and blogger, Osman Pashayev, reported on the 7th of May that Russian forces detained twenty-five Crimean Tatars in Yevpatoria and took them to the police station for interrogation. “All of them were taken to the city police station and got fingerprinted. They were taken into custody at the Central market near Vostochka restaurant. All detainees are Crimean Tatars,” Pashayev wrote on Facebook.

According to Pashayev, Russian forces claimed to be hunting for the criminals who committed murder in Krasnodar. “Mass detentions of Crimean Tatars in Yevpatoria were justified by the raid aimed at capturing the criminals who recently murdered a family in Krasnodar. The detainees were told that the raid was ongoing. When asked whether the Russian nationals could be suspects, one of the police officers admitted that they could be. When asked why more than 20 Crimean Tatars were taken to the police station, the officer answered that they were following orders from higher officers,” the journalist claims.

The Russian law enforcement authorities of Crimea didn’t provide any official comments on this situation.

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