Ukrainian Forces tighten their grip on Dokuchaievsk

The 72nd motorized bridge of the Ukrainian Forces has almost completely encircled the city of Dokuchaievsk.

Several weeks ago, reports began emerging on social media that the 72nd brigade took control of the strategic heights around the area and is now facing the city from three directions.

Some social media users reported that posters, supposedly issued by the Ukrainian Forces, started appearing around the city, calling on the separatist fighters to surrender.

Reports of the encirclement are now being confirmed by the separatist side as well. Maryna Kharkova, a military correspondent from the so-called Donetsk People's republic, wrote "Strategic mistakes and loss of the initiative. All the advantageous locations in the grey zone have been taken by Ukry [Ukrainians]. Dokuchaievsk is almost completely encircled. The situation is the same at the Avdiivka industrial zone. No progress there".

Her statement was published on the LiveJournal page of Igor Strelkov (aka Girkin). 

Several comments from the residents of Dokuchaievsk also published on Strelkov's page provide more information. 

"Separatists 'fell asleep' and Ukrainians took control over the heights. Now they [the Ukrainians] can shoot at the separatists like they're at the firing range. So the Ukrainians keep firing from above and they [the separatists] cannot take the heights back," one resident wrote.

“And now we have these posters, and even the head of the city has been trying to calm the residents down. The posters, supposedly made by the Ukrainians, call on the separatist fighters to surrender. And if they do they will be let go," the post stated.

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