Ukrainian Ambassador to Washington says three main issues have not changed with the new administration

The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, Valeriy Chaly, stated in his interview with Ukrainian journalists that Ukraine has three main issues in their relationship with the United States, which haven’t been changed with the new Administration, Ukrinform reported.

According to him, the first issue is with the security sector which includes countering Russia’s aggression and occupation of the Crimea. The second concerns the issue of the development of reforms in Ukraine, including ensuring macroeconomic stability. The third set of issues relates to institutional arrangements.

“We have the Strategic Partnership Commission. However, unfortunately, it hasn’t met for many years. We cooperate in different areas and it would seem logical to hold the meeting of this Commission this year,” Chaly noted. The Ambassador stated that currently, Ukraine and the United States have had positive developments in the space and defense industries.

“Now, we should work more with the new Administration on issues of reforms, trade, and investments. I think that the pragmatic orientation of our team allows us to show Ukraine’s capabilities from a new side,” Valeriy Chaly emphasized.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, plans to visit the United States in the latter half of February. The purpose of the visit is for Poroshenko to participate as Ukraine’s chairman to the U.N. Security Council. At the same time, they plan to work towards a summit meeting  between the Presidents of Ukraine and the United States in Washington.

  Valeriy Chaly, US-Ukraine relations