Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington had a conversation with Trump before the inauguration

Before Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly, said that he took the opportunity to discuss relations between the US and Ukraine with the now US president, and the conversation was considered positive, Ukrinform reported.

"I took the opportunity to speak briefly with the President-elect to ensure that the Ukrainian issue would not be ignored,” Chaly told reporters and clarified that the conversation took place two days ago, during the pre-inauguration events.

"I cannot tell you about the nature of this conversation, but I can say that prior to this, a very positive conversation between the Ukrainian President and the newly elected President Trump took place. My conversation was the development of this dialogue," the diplomat noted.

According to Chaly, the key challenge for Ukraine today is to ensure direct contact at the highest level.

He stated that the Ukrainian Embassy already handed over a list of questions prepared, “in the framework of which we would like to develop cooperation in the areas of our common interests, including the things that we can offer to the United States.”

Chaly also draw attention to the fact that at the inauguration events on Friday, he had the opportunity to speak with many of the key figures of the new White House administration.

The diplomat stressed that the Ukrainian Embassy has long been working with Trump’s transition team. Moreover, Ukraine retains bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House.

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