Ukraine won't ask the Kremlin's permission to choose its direction of development

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has promised that authorities will not take into account the interests and suggestions of Russian leaders when selecting the pace and direction for the development of the state.

"Our choice to integrate into Europe will be discussed exclusively with the Ukrainian people. It's not the Kremlin's business, no one is going to ask for their permission or their counsel on the development of the state," he said in an interview with Inter TV on Sunday evening.

As an example of the Russian attention to Ukranian affairs, Poroshenko indicated that Russian authorities responded to the introduction of internal ID cards for all Ukrainian citizens. He stated, "The first reaction to the introduction of the ID cards from the Russian Federation was, 'We weren't consulted on this matter.' "

The President of Ukraine stressed that the Ukrainian people will choose the path and speed of the country’s development.

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